De Pinte Imports, Inc.

Welcome to De Pinte Imports, Inc.

Importers of Amazing Belgian Craft Beers!

Belgians have been brewing craft beer before it was called craft beer. At De Pinte Imports we have a carefully curated list of beers that represent that Belgian craft, history, and fun so we don't take just any supplier. Each beer needs to be:

        • Excellent quality. The brewer needs to be a master at their craft and have reasons for the choices they've made.
        • Unique. Generic beers need not apply. These are beers that balance Belgium's deep brewing heritage and historic styles while still expressing a distinctive voice.
        • Smaak/Goût. In English we would say taste or flavor but it is deeper and more satisfying than that. It is the kind of flavor that is so good that it makes you sit back, release all of your cares and live in the warmth of the moment...all while staring in awe at your glass.
        • Fun. Whether it is novel ingredients, an innovative brewing technique, a creative presentation, or an interesting history, these beers will provide excitement, memories, and stories to share.

While residing in Belgium we developed deep ties to the country and developed contacts in both Flanders and Wallonia so we have unique access to very local and exclusive beers.

The next best thing to living there is living here and sharing these beer experiences with others. As they say in Flanders, Smakelijk!