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13, The Artisanale Pils:  Brewed by The Ministry of Belgian Beer

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Dimitri and Koen Serving 13

The Ministry of Belgian Beer is a story of determination and dedication to craft.  13 The Artisinale Pils is the result.  When it comes to food and drink, Dimitri Messiaen has always intentionally taken on challenges.  He has cooked in some of the finest restaurants and has even worked with three Michelin star chef Thomas Keller so when it comes to food nothing short of clean ingredients and excellent results will do.

Doing an interesting, let alone excellent pilsner is a monumental uphill battle.  Most people shy away when a "craft" pilsner is mentioned, thinking of low flavor, lifeless macro brews.  It was this very challenge that sparked Dimitri's interest so he spent two years and created 13 different recipes before he landed on the final product.  It is all Belgian hops, yeast and water and nothing else. Oh, and it is awesome!

The other Minster is Koen Van Laere. He brings a chemistry and business background that provides insights into recipe changes and also quality control.  Brewing a pilsner takes an enormous amount of skill and there is little to hide behind so Koen's insights into process consistency makes a great compliment to Dimitri's artistry. 

Look for 13 in both bottles and cans!

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