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Hedonis Ambachtsbier (Hedonistic Craft Beer) 

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  • Ouwen Duiker (Pale Ale)
  • Excuse Me While I Kiss My Stout
  • Suzanne (Saison)

It is mighty impressive when your first independent brewing effort scores a huge 91 Overall and a 97 for Style on  They are not new to brewing however, in fact one of brewers, Janos De Baets has been brewing for another brewer for about 5 years.

Tired of just brewing other people's recipes Janos joined with his friend Leopold De Ketelaere decided to start brewing some of their own.  After getting positive feedback from family and friends they started to scale up and it is no surprise the market in Belgium embraced them quickly.

These guys are the perfect examples of the youth brewing movement in Belgium.  They absolutely respect and admire the tradition and techniques that have made Belgian Beer the best in the world. That said, they are not bound by them so they can incorporate techniques and styles that are relatively new to the Belgian market.  This is another of our cult/boutique brewers so if you find these beers, I encourage you to give them a try!

Ouwen Duiker (Pale Ale)
Excuse Me While I Kiss My Stout
Suzanne (Saison)
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