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La Botteresse -Winner of the Best Beer Wallonia!

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José Poncin with some of his malts

José Poncin grew up down wind from the Jupiler brewery.  For those that don't know, Jupiler is currently the best selling beer in Europe.  It is a fairly typical macro-brewed pilsner, nothing special but nothing off either.  That said  José loved the smell of when they were brewing. It filled the neighborhood and he was so drawn to it that he eventually started working there.  He loved it but it wasn't enough.  His passion for beer outgrew his work in quality control and he wanted to create beers with depth and substance!

In 1996 José did just that.  He teamed up with his cousin Willy who was a former brewer and the two of them started brewing and thus La Brasserie La Botteresse was born.  They have always kept their operation small so that they could keep control on quality but in 2006 they expanded their capacity and now in 2016 they are ready, for the first time, to export to the US.  This brewery's dedication to craft and quality is evident in every sip.  Each beer is truly spectacular -pronounced esters, complex flavors, and long lasting finishes.  Since they are still in limited production, if you are lucky enough to find these beers then do yourself a favor and don't hesitate.

La Liégeoise
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