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La Corne du Bois des Pendus

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Truly one of the more unique beers in the world. From the history, to the horned shaped glass, to the absolutely great taste, La Corne is a must have beer drinking experience. The full name of these beers is La Corne du Bois des Pendus which loosely translates to The Horn of the Forest of the Hanged. It originates from a legendary story from 1636 in the modern day Ardenne region of Belgium. The 30 Years War was in full swing and a group of mercenaries from eastern Europe killed about 100 villagers -by mistake!  Well, they meant to kill them but the mercenaries thought they were in France killing French people, which they weren't. (Let's all just take a moment and be thankful for GPS.)

In honor of a legendary brewer, Cornelius, who died that day in 1636, a trilogy of beers have been created: a Triple, a Black, and a Blonde. We invite you to lift the glass horn and embrace the slogan: Santé sans pitié ! (Health without mercy!)

For more information on the full history of the glass and the beer see the glassware tab.

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