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ReuZenbieren (Giants Beers): Lovers of Beer, Lovers of Hops!

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We should all be lucky enough to have friends like Jos van Breda and Bernard Smits.  These two guys have been best friends since childhood and as they grew into adulthood shared a love of beer.  In fact they both belong to Association Beer Tasting in their hometown Moergestel in The Netherlands.  They became so good at tasting that they were invited to the Dutch Blind Beer Tasting Championships and Bernard won! As part of the award he and Jos were given brewing lessons and that is where it all started.

Once they started brewing they had to come up with a name.  Reuzen means Giants and Bieren means beers. They do in fact make giant, aromatic, flavorful beers.  The name is also a reference to a local myth of some giants that inhabit their region.  To celebrate the myth the folks from several towns around Moergestel have festivals where people dressed up as Giants parade around. Reuzenbieren first started sharing with the public at these festivals so the name came naturally.

As of 2016 they've been brewing for about 14 years.  Mostly in small batches for local consumption but recently they have expanded and are looking to share more broadly.  They have won multiple Gold Medals at the World Beer Awards for their Black IPA and Lentebock.  For them, awards are nice but really it is about the beer.  They are so into it and want to share it with others so much it even comes across in their labels!

Let's just look at one starting at the top left: 

  • ABV
  • Recommended Storage Temperature
  • Beer Color using the standard EBC Scale
  • Recommended Serving Temperature
  • Hops used
  • Calories
  • Yeast used
  • Bitterness using the EBU Scale (which is nearly the same as IBU)
  • Whether it is their recipe or not (honestly I think this is a space filler because so far they're only doing their own recipes)
  • Advice on how many an average person can have (which not a substitute for your own judgment about your own body).
As you can see they are eager to share and, since these guys are doing small batches, if you find one you should try it!

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