De Pinte Imports, Inc.

Paljas Bier Winner of several World Beer Awards

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  • Saison
  • Blond
  • IPA
  • Bruin (Brown)

Paljas (Pahl-yahs) basically translates to clown or jester.  It is something you would call a good friend who is funny or jokes around.  It is an apt name for these beers because they are all good beers that can add to a great time with friends.

One of the challenges this brewery has taken on is to brew full flavored beers at low (by Belgian standards) ABV.  All of their beers are at or below 6%. This means that you can have a few throughout the course of the evening and not worry too much about having too much (Always be conscientious of your own thresholds and always drink responsibly).  Lower ABV without sacrificing flavor. Nice.

Special Note to Pubs/Restaurants: This brewery is very serious about the US market and has a lot of great POS to support their entry.  They came to play!

Bruin (Brown)